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cloë collette

Cloë Collette weaves Fiber Wall Art using luxurious and natural yarns. Her mandalas are born out of a constant, moving meditation on the interconnected nature of reality. 
Each mandala reflects a personal story. May it be their dream, their life story or something that inspires them. Cloë Collette translates these stories into colour and form.
The unique threads she uses are sourced with great care from fair trade cooperatives and local sustainable projects. Besides Mallorquin sheepswool, spun and dyed by hand, Cloë uses raw fibers from various trees found on the island. 
You can use mandalas to enhance your wellbeing and enrich interior design. Invite positive vibrations and peace into your space with these unique and powerful pieces of art.

Travelling the world extensively from early childhood to present, Cloë Collette visited various remote and tribal places. These early experiences of wild nature, indigenous cultures and their sacred art left a deep impression on her. Being influenced by these experiences, her art translates these ancient symbols into a contemporary form. 
As a self-taught fiber artist, Cloë Collette started creating with textiles and wood in her early teens. During her twenties, she worked with ceramic mosaic and painting, and returned to textiles a few years later. In 2011 she discovered weaving and since then has immersed herself in this art form. Cloë’s work keeps evolving with curiosity and experimentation.
By sourcing her materials from local shepherds and spinners, Cloë Collette aims to keep Mallorca’s traditions alive. Using the hand-spun wool from the sheep that surround her is a daily inspiration in her creative process.



/ Material: Cashmere, hemp, mohair, handdyed merino wool, burette silk, recycled silk, wool, alpaca wool, organic linen, lambs wool, undyed British wool, organic cotton, viscose, acrylic. /
/ Unique piece /
/ 133 cm x 133 cm x 15 cm /

The Other World

/ Material: raffia, yute, banana fibre, merino wool, mohair, baby alpaca wool, recycled silk, cashmere, organic cotton, viscose, recycled linen, acrylic, undyed wool, palm leaf, dried cactus. /
/ Unique piece /
/ 155 cm x 155 cm x 22 cm /


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