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elena  kozhevnikova

Elena Kozhevnikova was born in 1965, in Rostov-on-Don, Soviet Union.
From the young age she had been fascinated by the landscapes of her native land on the bank of Don river, the sprawling hayfields, white waters and luscious fruit trees. She had drawn a lot of inspiration from that blooming nature and began to participate in local art exhibitions throughout her adolescence, creating artworks depicting the scenes of Russian folk tales, the nature and local landscapes.
Throughout her early years, Elena had always had an immense longing for arts of all kinds, including, most noticeably, music, which led her to obtain a formal education as an opera singer and to spend several years performing in theatres all around the country. Kozhevnikova also has vast experience in the fashion world, having worked as a jewelry and apparel designer. Her work in said field was highly critically acclaimed and published and exhibited at high profile fashion events.
Her art is currently represented in a variety of galleries all over the globe. Now, Elena Kozhevnikova is widely recognized as a seasoned artist, exhibited in galleries and private collections all around Europe (Great Britain, Russia, Austria, France, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain) and the United States.
Elena describes art as her “obsession”. “It’s my dialogue with the Universe, – she says, – my thoughts and feelings, embodied in paint and metal. The symbolism and the energetics of shapes, sudden effects intertwining into a sole creation”.
Elena Kozhevnikova works mostly with mixed media and unconventional motives, but prefers to avoid labels. “There’s something supernatural in the creative process, – she admits, – when the ideas, the shapes and imagination find a specific form, it’s magic”. 



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