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fabian ashtar

Super Heros

Born in Munich in 1964, since 1987 he has devoted himself primarily to the fields of film, media, museums and the design and implementation of artistic interiors. His field of activity includes positions such as production designer, art director or head of the department for the artistic design of film sets. After an impressive 35-year career in the film and media industry, he is now closing this chapter. This decision was motivated by life-changing events, but also by a clear desire to be more artistically active himself.

Through his extraordinary sensitivity, he has developed the ability to empathize with his clients and visualize their visions. If you have not yet had the opportunity to commission art or artistic interior design, this very ability will now come into full play. While creating works for his clients, he simultaneously unleashes his own artistic creativity.

Emperors and kings used to have their “house artists” and their demands. I had a castle once, but my demands were within the range of King Ludwig.
In the swimming pool I wanted a grotto, like a stalactite cave, in Lake Malibou the pedal boat had to be rededicated from a fairground to a Lohengrin – swan.
My Fabian Kraus has delivered. Always on the highest level! The king would have made him a ministerial councilor, with me it was only enough for the greatest gratitude and deepest reverence!

Thomas Gottschalk



[Pair of paintings]

Batman Icon

/ Steel frame, Oil on Canvas, 24k Gold, 3D Crackle and Mixed Media /
/ Unique piece /
/ 93 cm x 114cm /

About the Artwork

The dismayed, blank look of the superheroes shows that they cannot fulfill their task as saviors of mankind. Symbolized by the frame, they are trapped in the worldly system, the matrix that created them. Much like saints in icon painting were harnessed to a cart and abused in the service of an institution, our superheroes have been brought into service as saviors and redeemers of human problems. The title “Not Our Job” shows that help cannot be expected through projection onto glorified figures of an artificial world, but only through man’s self-love for himself. Nevertheless, the elements of the icons also refer to the help of the spiritual world, of God, light and love. The medals and symbols exemplify the purposes of heroization, honor and instrumentalization. These are original insignia from the Vietnam War, the Foreign Legion, the Illuminati or the demotion to pinup girl. The Cyrillic writings at the top of the picture, “peacemaker, savior” in the case of Batman as well as “merciful virgin” in the case of Catwoman, underline this in an ironic way. Likewise, the ensemble between the two images refers to “offers of the systems” that offer anesthesia and distraction or a “lead-heavy absolution”. The artist puts his stamp of hyle triangle under his signature. The triangle of the deity, the three in one, symbolizes the light in the midst of the darkness of matter.

Catwoman Icon

/ Steel frame, Oil on Canvas, 24k Gold, 3D Crackle and Mixed Media /
/ Unique piece /
/ 93 cm x 114cm /


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