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The renowned ArteCasa gallery has not only made a name for itself by presenting and selling contemporary art, but has also established a very special connection with the art world. In addition to an impressive collection of works by well-known artists, ArteCasa now also offers a platform for private

The gallery has recognized that art is created not only in the hands of professional artists, but often in the passionate hearts of private individuals. For this reason, ArteCasa has developed a program that allows art lovers to display their own artwork in the gallery and offer it for sale. This unique opportunity allows private collectors to show their treasures to a wider audience and attract potential buyers.

What do we need from you?

1. High resolution images of your artwork

2. Description of the artwork, condition, vita

3. Expertise

4. Certificate of authenticity

Exponat 1

Mel Ramos

Afri Cola Lola
The lost painting of 1965 #30

Oil on canvas / 91,4 cm x 61 cm

| Price on request |

Exponat 2

Jean Pierre Kunkel

Brandungswelle Mallorca IX

Oil on canvas, 300 cm x 130 cm

| Price on request |

Exponat 3

Fabian Ashtar

SUPER HEROS, Batman & Catwoman Icon

Oil on canvas, Steel frame, 24k Gold, 3D Crackle and Mixed Media / 93 cm x 114 cm

| Price on request |

Exponat 4

Dasan Tan


Printed on fine paper, shadow gap frame / 40 cm x 60 cm / with Frame 64 cm x 84 cm
Limited edition of 6 pieces each + 2 artist proofs

| Price on request |