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lydia hoffnungsthal

1991 graduated in Fine Art at the University for Art and Design in Cologne, among others she was a student of Jörg Immendorf. Lydia lives and works in Mallorca since 1996.
The human form serves as the primary subject for Lydia´s paintings, receiving and reflecting a thought-process partly rooted in Expressionism, in individual and symbolic imagery.The characters are always captured in motion.The preference for moments of movement has been aroused through many years of work with cartoons.
As in the painting movement “Figuration-Libre”, Lydia is drawn to a powerful and narrative imagery in which she combines elements of traditional and archaic art forms with modern related daily life and its subculture, creating an ironic-critical social and cultural imagery. Feeling, emotion and spontaneity are more important to her than perfection, reason and regulation.
For her abstract-figurative works of art not only canvas and oil or acrylic paints are used, her imagination is limitless to pick up and combine her work out of different materials. Lydia’s pictures shine with life and nature and thanks to the raw materials that mother earth offers, she can tell a rich universe that leaves room for unlimited possibilities. Her stories are provocative collages, a rebellious expression of a return to the origins, as if every object and image were necessarily connected to the roots of our earth. Trees, flowers and the sea are that priceless relationship, the power of life that no one should ever let go.


Bath in Italian Roses

/ Oil acrylic paper on canvas /
/ Unique piece /
/ 80 cm x 80 cm /

Transparency International CPI

/ Mixed Media on wood /
/ Unique piece /
/ 100 cm x 100 cm /

Unlimited ChupaChups Love

/ Letter Mixed Media /
/ Unique piece /
/ 80 cm x 80 cm /

Love and Art connected to the Blue Sky

/ Mixed Media on canvas /
/ Unique piece /
/ 105 cm x 150 cm /

Flowering Move

/ Oil Mixed Media on canvas /
/ Unique piece /
/ 50 cm x 120 cm /

Pesci Fuori Aqua

/ Oil on canvas /
/ Unique piece /
/ 76 cm x 125 cm /

Fisher Couple

/ Mixed Media /
/ Unique piece /
/ 162 cm x 98 cm /

Sailing in the Sea

/ Oil wood copper on Sail /
/ Unique piece /
/ 139 cm x 139 cm /

Zipping up the Sea

/ Oil seaweed paper fishes on canvas /
/ Unique piece /
/ 146 cm x 97cm /

Ibiza Street Dance

/ Mixed Media /
/ Unique piece /
/ 100 cm x 50 cm /


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